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Project #5
Peter Pan Nursery

Website Design

Peter Pan Nursery

Peter Pan Nursery contacted me in hopes for a website revamp - to make their business's online presence match the quality of their physical standards. The original website was hyperlinks connected to blank URL's, unreadable text, low quality photos, and a poor layout - We completely redid their website with their customers mind at heart. With our ideal persona being a 'busy mum on the go' we wanted to make sure all information was easily and quickly accessible - introducing key information immediately on the loading home page, along with quick buttons at the bottom (phone, email, maps and contact us forms), as well as various call-to-action buttons throughout the website. We also made sure the website was accessible for everyone, regardless of disabilities, and stuck to an easy to follow layout - while keeping to the original colour scheme to avoid confusion of already existing parents. 


Peter Pan Nursery HomePage Screenshot.jpg
Peter Pan Nursery Kitchen.jpg
peter pan  ofsted .jpg
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