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Available Services

Marketing, along with other industries, has changed substantially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers have been forced to use the internet to complete essential everyday tasks - and these skills will not disappear. Due to this, businesses need to adapt their marketing to be digital simply to survive and to compete with competitors. 


Due to this,  I'd love to help you increase your digital capability for affordable prices! 
So how can I help? Please find a list of my available services here:


Social Media


With a 61% growth in social media engagement during the lockdown, social media is becoming a huge point of consumer contact, so utilise it! 

I can provide lots of tips and tricks for getting the most out of social media! For example, Advice on appropriate social media platforms to use, advice on when's best to post content on each platform, and how much engagement you should provide on each platform.


Search Engine Optimization

93% of online experiences start at one place: Search Engines. Get more traffic, leads, and sales but increasing your SEO. You can't generate leads for your business if nobody can find you.

I can provide advice on how to improve your SEO ranking. From using Google Analytics to improving page loading speed, to increasing the links found on your website. Several small changes can drastically improve your SEO.


Website Design & Development

During the lockdown, e-commerce has thrived. Rising to 33.4% of all retail sales combined! If you can't open your business physically, open it up digitally!

I can offer a simple review of your present website and suggest changes, I can help rebrand your website, I can provide advice on which services to us for the cheapest cost, and if you don't have a website I can help you design one!


Content Creation

Producing high-quality content is necessary for businesses in any industry. Not only does it make a business look more professional, but it also increases your SEO, the trust with customers, and attracts new customers. 

I can provide advice on the content you've already produced and posted, advice on which free services are best to use for creating the best content. In addition I can also produce a few pieces of content for you to use!

Need help with other Marketing aspects?

Contact me so we can discuss it further to see how I can help.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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