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Project #2
Sweep's Cafe

Website Redesign

Sweep's Cafe agreed that an entire website redesign was required, so that's what we did! 

Starting with incorporating their brand colours into their online platforms, I then focused on exclusively taking and uploading high-quality photos,  

I then introduced a digital version of their menu, an Instagram feed, and a partnership page which displayed local businesses Sweep's works with regularly.

Peter Pan Website Revamp (Videos and Photos) (3).png
Peter Pan Website Revamp (Videos and Photos) (2).png

Company Rebranding

Sweep's Cafe - Southport

I've completed various jobs for Sweep's Cafe - all with a focus on marketing and rebranding.  From managing their social media accounts, to collaborating on their rebranding project, to designing new menu's and advertisements used in various local magazines and newspapers. 

The menu design can be found by clicking here; 
Sweep's Menu

The advertisement design can be found by clicking here; Sweep's Cafe Advert 

Finished off with customised plates, coffee cups & tea pots, their branding is coherence throughout every touch point the customer experiences, resulting in a fantastic project.



Social Media Manager

I was originally hired at Sooty's and Sweep's to assist with improving their food presentation of desserts. However, while working for them I realised their social media accounts were relatively inactive and showcased poor photos gaining little to no interactions.  

I thus volunteered to manage their social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) posting daily content to showcase offers, food specials, and promotions to help attract more customers to the business. I introduced a personal tone of voice, higher quality action photos, and used appropriate emojis to attract more attention.


The interactions (likes and followers) on Instagram doubled, and the content of photos was drastically improved, showing a more professional attractive side to the business online customers seem to appreciate and like.

Check them out here;
Instagram or on Facebook

Sweeps Facebook .jpg
Sweeps instagram brownies.jpg
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